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The Journey Begins

Where to Start? – A little about me and where I started my writing journey.

The Big Question – Why? – Why did I become a writer.

Let’s leave the real world behind for a moment. – Talking about Camelot and the wider world within the pages.

Influences, where does Camelot 2050 come from? – The sources that inspired Camelot 2050.

Stereotypes, Coincidences and Cliches. – Commonly employed shortcuts and when not to use them.

The Waiting, oh God, the Waiting. – The biggest frustration in writing, waiting.

Mixing it up, Content. – What you include in your writing, why and how.

Choreography! It’s my jam! – Advice on how to write fight scenes and general physical interactions.

Where do we go from here? – Launching into new projects, preparation and planning.

Where Physics and Fiction part ways. – Real-world physics for Sci-Fi writers.

Write what you know, learn what you don’t, and then write that too. – Representation, know what you’re writing.

Catch and Release, your work in the public domain. – What to expect once your work is out in the public domain.

Cursing the Void (or ‘Swearing in Science Fiction’). – Some thoughts on Sci-Fi language, especially the bad kind.

It’s a big ‘verse out there. – Building a diverse and functional universe.

What is Love? (Baby don’t hurt me!) – the diverse nature of relationships.

The Process, writing about writing. – How I go about my craft. Routines, daily goals and deadlines.

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby! – Sex in literature, where and why is it relevant, (content warning, Mature themes).

Writing and How… – More thoughts on how to prepare and execute the writing process.

Originality, is Anything new Anymore? – How important is it to be original?

Young Adult to Adult, the difference is? – Trying to draw the line between adult and young adult literature.

Blurring the Lines – Life influencing art, (Content Warning, Politics).

The Mundane to the Metaphysical, – Fantastical stories set in a mundane world.

Characters and what makes them Memorable. – Crafting characters the audience will enjoy.

Sex Positivity in Literature. – Stepping out of the mold of ‘shameful’ or ‘titillating’ and being positive about sex, (Content Warning, Reference to sex, sexual content and sexual abuse).

Self Criticism and how it can help you. – Reading your own work, recognising your own flaws and being okay with that.

Trials and Tribulations aka Escalation and the Fall. – Pacing and building up to the climax.

Grist to the Mill – Using your own experiences to inform your writing, (Content Warning, Politics).

Writing in the Dark – Horror and Suspense in Literature. – How to manufacture a fright.

Dracula – Dead but still Evolving. – How older stories remain relevant in the public imagination (Content Warning, reference to rape).

Introspective, Circumspective & Retrospective. – Building on characters via their perceptions.

What Can We Believe? – Suspension of disbelief, where and when to stretch it.

Pancakes (and Crepes and Flapjacks -oh my!) – Language, regional and national differences (not an exhaustive list).

Politics, Commentary, Libel and Slander. – Art as influenced by life, socio-political commentary. How and Why.

It’s all getting ‘A Bit Real’. – Words of support for Authors of Dystopian, Eco and Epidemic Horror.

Character Attachment. – Getting attached to your characters and why you should.

Life in Isolation – Self Care. – Words of advice from a habitual hermit.

Life in Isolation Part 2 – Creativity in Isolation. – Stimulating Creativity in a vacuum.

A-Moral Fibre. – Character Morality.

So you’re not Ready to Represent? – Avoiding exclusionary language in writing.

Perspectives and Pronouns – First, Second or Third person?

Cursive and Cursing, Fonts and Foul Language. – Fonts and FU’s.

Drop Dead-Lines. – Goals and how to set and meet them.

Zombie Apocalypse LitRPG… whut? – What to expect from my next book and how it came about.

Let’s get some Exercise! – Writing exercises, how, why and a little example of my own.

Why Do We Self-Pub? – The Question at the Heart of the Matter.

Here We Go Again! (How to Write Sequels) – Turning your Novel into a Series.

Good ‘Guys’ Doing Bad Things – Moral ambiguity (or lack thereof) in character development, with help from YouTube’s Bricky.

A Poli-ticking Timebomb! – Can you escape politics in literature?

Format, Layout and Self Publishing

How can you do what I do? – Tips on how to get started with your own writing/publishing.

Is this In-Format-ive? – Layout and Format, preparing your work for self-publishing.

Editing and Layout Revisited. – A more detailed dive into Editing, revisions, language and layout.

Self vs Vanity Publishing. – What to look for in a self-publisher and how to avoid getting conned.

First Impressions, Cover Art. – How to go about making your final product eye-catching and where to look for cover art.

It’s not the size that matters, but what you do with it – Novels, Novella’s, Novellette’s and Short Stories, length and impact.

Editing: AKA ‘You asked for this Sucka!’ – Thoughts from the other side of the Editor’s Desk.

The Hybrid Model (Not Just For Cars). – Moving forward in the changing world of publishing.

Do Writers Need Help? (AKA Why I *Hate* Grammarly) – When to ask, where to go.

Querying and Submitting

What’s going on in the Realm of the Written Word? – Changes in the way Publishers interact with writers and how to improve your chances.

Sharing is Caring (Although it might not feel that way). – Querying, sending your work to publishers and how to go about it.

Back from Hiatus. – Querying revisited.

Exhibiting and Conventions

The Show must go on. – Getting into the trade-show circuit.

A Series of Promotional Events. – How to go about running a stall at events.

Attending Conventions for Fun and Profit. – Picking shows to attend and how to go about it.

There’s a World(con) Over the Horizon! – Preparations for attending the Hugo award hosting Worldcon in Dublin 2019.

Another Brief Update (with Pictures!) – More Worldcon updates with examples of promotional merchandise!

Paneling at Conventions – What to expect on the panel circuit, talking in front of an audience.

So, that was Worldcon Dublin 2019. – Worldcon in review.

We’re Back! (Buts, Buts and More Buts) – Back to Events, post Covid…. ish.

In the Cold Light of Dawn – Events and Attendance in the Omicron Era.

Is… Is This Thing On? – What’s been going on, a summary of LockDown

Un-Convention-al. – Building a list of Conventions, where I’m going and when.


Writing for Pay – Freelancing 101 – Things to remember when writing under contract.

Writing Games. – Writing for tabletop or computer games.

Publicity and Advertising

Broaden Your Scope – Increasing visibility for you work.

General Advice/Miscellaneous

When… are we going to talk about Criticism? – Receiving and dealing with criticism.

Be Kind To Yourself. – Self-care for writers.

Part of the Community – Reaching out into the wider world of writer and writing.

Technology is your friend… until it isn’t. – Technical hitches and how to avoid them.

Working against ‘The Block’ – Dealing with writers block.

It’s All About Me… – Writing a bio for your work.

Let’s Get Real – Managing expectations.

And Now, The End is Near… – Finishing long-term projects, what to expect and how to deal with it.

Staring at a Blank Page. – A little more advice about dealing with writers block.

A Year in Review (two months early). – Looking back over things at the progress I’ve made.

No More Camelot? – Broadening my horizons.

Cycles and Routines – Behaviour patterns I’ve recognised in myself, dealing with procrastinating.

Yearly Review – Expectations Achievements and Looking Ahead. – Where I am and where I’m headed.

Confession Time! – Accountability, a personal perspective on lock-down.

Land of the Free, the Perfect Dystopia. – #BlackLivesMatter

What is with the Social Order? – Social Structures/Constructs.

No More Heroes Anymore. – Historical Fact vs Historical Fantasy, Modern Fairytales.

Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! – What is it about the Zombie Horror Genre the (Re-animates so many of us?

Rules of Engagement (Dealing with Criticism). – Thou Shalt Not Read the Reviews!

Making a total Hash-tag of it! – Hashtags for Social Media.

Money For Nothing – Do starting Authors make money? No!

Walking With Giants! – Meeting heroes of the art, impostor syndrome et al.

Sowing in the Month of ‘Meh!’ – Getting going again.

Seperating the Art… – Can art and artist be seperated? Should we even consider it?