Short Stories

A growing selection of shorts, as yet unpublished from the various realms and fandoms the Author has created/enjoys.

Camelot 2050:

Tilt – this is a short story I wrote in the Camelot 2050 universe because, as much as I’d wanted to through the main story, I hadn’t found an opportunity to write a jousting sequence. ‘A Knight’s Tale’ is one of my favourite movies so I was drawing on that for a lot of the imagery but this story also gave me an opportunity to write the first meeting between two of my main characters, John Loxley and Geoffrey Mayland.

Covert – sometimes you dearly want to give a particular character more page space but, unfortunately, the story doesn’t work out that way or go in that direction. Such was the case with Mother Bethane Sciarra, I wanted to spend more time with her but the story never really presented the opportunity. For that reason I decided to write this short, a James Bond-esque covert operation headed by the enigmatic Vatican Agent.


Saw Losers – This is a short story I wrote for a competition run by the Bonehead Podcast. On the pitch of a *very* Fantasy Football stadium a goblin player tries to solve the mystery of his coaches sudden and violent demise. Bloodbowl and (Nobbla) Blackwart are properties of Games Workshop, I do not own nor profit from the distribution of the story either in whole or in part.