Another Brief Update (with Pictures!)

So, I might not have gone into a lot of depth over some of the things I’ve been doing in preparation for Dublin Worldcon. This is a big opportunity for me so I’ve taken a few steps to up my game for this event.

First up it’s these:-

Camelot Badges

25mm pin badges of leFay and Essex Heraldry, the Dragon design is mine (a simple matter of Microsoft Paint) whilst the Essex Seaxes have been redesigned by a good friend of mine (Rob Leigh of Isolation Games) in a more modern style to reflect a sports brand as well as a house heraldry. I have one hundred of each and every purchase of the boxed set gets the pair.

Worldcon Stock

This is the stock as it stands. you can see the books. I’ve got enough to assemble 50 sleeved sets plus an extra bulk of copies of Black Knight for people who just want to try the first book before committing to the trilogy. You can also see the sleeves (graced with the Dark Magic cover art by Omercan Cirit) and the postcard illustrations of the main characters which go into each set, plus the badges.

Box Set 1

Here’s a better look at the component parts for the sets. Now, all of this is going to go together on a stand setup much like the one I used at Collectormania back in June pictured below.

Stall setup

With all this assembled (and the two panel talks I’m sitting in on) here’s hoping that Worldcon helps me to get Camelot 2050 out there to greater heights and a wider audience.

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