There’s a World(con) Over the Horizon!

Todays blog is more of an update than anything else to tell you you a bit about what I’m going to be doing at World Con 2019 in Dublin.

I’ve not been one for conventions until I published my own books and started doing the circuit myself so Worldcon didn’t really enter my scope of experience until 2017 when it was held in Helsinki but, bids are held very much in advance so Dublin was already on the cards by that point and an opportunity not to be missed. As much as starting out in conventions was daunting at times Worldcon (A rather prestigious convention with quite a history behind it) is something else. Additional travel, longer stay, more stock and, in order to help promote my series, additional merchandise to appear alongside the books themselves. I will admit it has been stressful at times but I haven’t fallen far short of the goals I set for this event.

*Edit* It occurred to me after I posted this that a little background is in order. Worldcon is the annual event held by the World Science Fiction Society (although it is hosted by different cities every year). The event was first held in New York in 1932 and (except for the years of 1942-1945 for obvious reasons) has run every year since. After travelling city to city in the States for many years Worldcon first went international in 1957 when it came to London, England and since then has been around the globe visiting Heidelburg, Toronto, Melbourne and, has even bee hosted in the Hague in August of 1990. It has also played host to many notables of the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Science community in it’s many years. Robert A. Heinlein in ’41 and ’61, Isaac Asimov in ’55, Arthur C. Clarke in ’56 and Ursula K. Le Guin in ’75. This year, as well as writers, artists and actors the show has Dr’s Jeanette Epps and Norah Pattern in attendance.

Now it’s two weeks to go and my preparations are, by and large, done. So, what can you expect from me at Dublin Worldcon?

Well, I’ll be selling copies of Camelot 2050 for a start and, as well as the usual loose copies I’ll have sleeved sets available, each one with a specially commissioned postcard featuring the main characters and a pair of original pin badges to go with the set (postcards and badges also available separately).

As well as the stall I’ll be on panels Thursday and Friday (although I can’t, at this point divulge which one’s, you’ll have to take a look at the program) so keep an eye out for me. I *can* say that the topics are really exciting and I hope that the talks themselves will be enlightening as well as entertaining.

That’s all I have for you for now, I hope to see you at Worldcon or any of the conventions on my schedule for the coming year. There may or may not be a blog entry next week so keep an eye out. Until then it’s ‘beannachte a dhéanahm anois’ from me!

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