The Waiting, oh God, the Waiting.

Happy New Year Everyone!

So, it’s been a little under a year since I released Camelot 2050: Black Knight and (in the scheme of things) it’s doing well. The thing is I (like many of us who release our work out into the world) want it to fly, to soar and, hopefully, one day it will. In the interim all that I can do is carry on working and wait for Camelot to gain the momentum I know it can.

But waiting is SO frustrating, you know that and I know that and it can impact on your work if you’re not aware of it. Feeling like ‘you’re not getting there’, especially in the current industry situation, is the new rejection syndrome. So many writers quit because the rejections got to them and that was back when getting an agent was the way to go. Now you’re expected to self publish to prove you can finish a product or move units alongside everything else, the stress and frustration, feeling like you’re not making progress.

The most importnant part of writing is to stick with it. You might never be recognised but, you’ll never know unless you try and never at all if you quit. As I’ve said before, if your work makes one reader happy you can count yourself a success.

I know this is only a short entry but I’m desperate to make some progress myself and start the 2019 right!

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