The Big Question – Why?

These Blog posts are going to come as I think of them, they may fall into a steady rhythm but for now they’ll come as and when.

Why write a book, or a series or a number of series of books? I’m sure most of you are aware but writing isn’t a fast track to fame and fortune (or even a steady income). Stories need to develop a following, they have to build an audience and reach the right ears before you can expect a T.V. series or a movie deal so, why do it?

Well, back toward the end of my time in Primary School (Elementary for any American followers I’ve accrued) we sat a simple check box test that was supposed to give us a direction, a suggestion of careers we might follow. My results were varied, widely. Throughout Secondary school I got it into my head to try to be an actor but I had no idea how to go about that. I just wanted to leave something behind, some work or film with my identity stamped on it that would say ‘Hey! I was here!’

I left school with fairly good results and went to college to study Media. It didn’t really provide the in-road I hoped for and I fell into a slew of entry level manual jobs just bringing in a wage. My hobbies fed the part of me that had developed throughout my education, the part of me that loved writing stories and so here, now that is what I’m doing.  I met people who had similar ideas and they helped me find the tools I needed to bring my stories out into the world.

It has been a steep learning curve but I’ve since found that some of the stuff I learnt in college is relevant and those two years wasn’t wasted after all. As I go on with these Blogs I’ll be sharing what I’ve learnt in the hopes that it helps others who have stories to get out and, I hope, I’ll have entries reviewing those works and the works of others.

So, to answer the question, Why do I write? I write because I found a story I wanted to tell, one I hoped would bring some joy to others looking for the same story and so there would be something of mine to survive beyond whatever span I have on this emerald orb in the great blackness of space.

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