A Year in Review, Long Overdue.

My last yearly review was March 2020 so we’re a little overdue a new one and, well a lot has happened since then.

Camelot 2050 continues to gather steam, I have a couple of shorts on the site and may work on more. Eventually they may be gathered into an anthology. Rendered Flesh hit the shelves courtesy of LevelUp Publishing, my first traditionally published title! I have, just in this last week, signed a deal for a three book series, working title Riding the E-Rail , I’ve mentioned it a few times but now it’s really happening!

I’ve completed freelance projects, not only on behalf of Dirty Vortex and Onyx Path, but also for White Wolfs World of Darkness. Yes, my work now features in the Vampire: The Masquerade supplement, Children of the Blood.

The convention scene is getting back up to speed and my calendar is filling up quickly. Events by Showmasters, Go Geek and Creed conventions are largely where you’ll find me as well as Dragonmeet, Bristolcon, Fantasycon, and Chicago World Con 2022.

The Corona virus epidemic and lock-downs have made the past year and change difficult at times and yet, these past few weeks, easing back into events and relative normality (if anything is ever ‘normal’ around here) have been wonderfully refreshing, both emotionally and creatively. I’ve met some wonderful people and made new friends and contacts on the scene.

Aside from the new contract I have a couple of projects on the go but, as with many things, money is key and I will have to find funding or hope for a *very* good sequence of events. There’s certainly a lot to look forward to and even more to do over the coming year, I will be looking at the pro’s and cons of things like crowdfunding and Patreon so watch out for that. In the meantime I will excuse myself for the rest of December and see you all on January when, I hope, the blog will be easier to populate.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Goodnight!

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